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Nightlife Ideas & Tips

Not to lean on a basic expression, but it’s true; everything is bigger in Texas. Even the nightlife!

From posh cocktails in Bishop Arts District to the jazz clubs of Deep Ellum, there is a lot of Dallas nightlife to discover. Luckily, it’s pretty hard to royally mess up galavanting around the Dallas nightlife scene.

Even better, we are experts in Dallas nightlife! We have insider tips that will make your day or night of fun go as smoothly as possible.

Plan an unforgettable time experiencing the best bar scene in Dallas that will solidify your reputation as the ambassador of fun. Here are our favorite Dallas nightlife tips and ideas!

Bring Cash

Downtown Dallas Nightlife Tip: Bring Cash

Yes, carrying cash seems like an ancient practice. But if you want to keep all nightlife opportunities available to you and your team, have some paper to spend! From old-school dive bars to tips to a late-night slice of pizza, having a bit of cash on you ensures that you’ll be able to jump on every cool Dallas experience that you come across. 

Some bars that famously only take cash are Ship’s Lounge, Hidden Door, and It’ll DO. Not to mention cash-only bar games and late-night snacks! Needless to say, you’ll be glad you have some paper on you. 

Early bird gets the discount

If you’re planning a night of clubbing but want to ball on a budget, timing is KEY. A few Dallas club scenes offer a discounted or free entrance rate for people who arrive before the crowd gets big. Of course, you may get there a little before the party gets started, but who doesn’t want extra dance space anyways?

Skip the flip flops

Most Dallas bars and nightlife clubs and restaurants are completely chill and welcoming – but some may have a dress code – so your outfit can make or break your night.

Especially if you’re hitting the club scene, make sure to take a quick scan of the club website to see if there is a dress code. It is not unheard of for the glammier clubs to turn away groups for t-shirts, shorts, flip-flops, or other casual looks. If your style is more laid-back, tons of casual spots don’t give a hoot if you show up in pajamas. But just make sure you know what you’re getting into and dress accordingly!

For example, this is what Theory Nightclub lists as the dress code on their website:


Baggy clothing, Non-Military Issued Camouflage, Air Jordan’s, Air Force Ones, Polo Boots, Sandals, Timberlands, Solid T-shirts, Collegiate Apparel, Sports Attire, Offensive Clothing, and Shorts.

There’s easy transportation – use it

Nightlife in Dallas Ideas: Rideshares & Transportation

Dallas is not necessarily a walkable city – so make sure to plan for safe transportation to and from your big night out. Of course, nobody has an excuse to get in a car after drinking. So take advantage of rideshares, public transportation, or a genuinely angelic designated driver!

Always Plan an X-Factor

Best Dallas Nightlife Ideas: Dallas Party Bike!

“Drink-walk-drink-walk-drink-find a ride home” is, of course, a good night out. But where is the pizazz? If you want a truly memorable night out, you need a secret ingredient – an X-factor, if you will. Even if you are a group of Dallas locals, you can still plan a Dallas nightlife experience that feels entirely new. Dallas Party Bike fits that bill! Playing drinking games while pedaling a 15-person bike to bar stops? Consider that a night to remember. 

It’s a tough job always being on top of the trending Dallas fun, but someone’s gotta do it. If you’re ready to plan a day enjoying the best of Dallas nightlife, reach out to our team of party experts at Dallas Party Bike

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