Cringy Mistakes to Avoid on Your Dallas Party Bike

Do you have a collection of embarrassing memories that keep you up at night? Us too. Oh, if only someone could stop another one before it ever happens. 

Well, if you want to avoid one when hopping on a Dallas Party Bike tour, our team can help!

We’ve listed the most common party fouls that our party bikers tend to face. While a few of these are just moderate logistical inconveniences, others could keep you from ever getting on the bike. Yikes!

Unfortunately, we can’t magically erase “The split pants debacle of 2007.” But we can make sure that your party bike tour rolls smooth as butter. 

Here are the top mistakes to avoid on a Dallas party bike tour!

Only bring approved drinks on the party bike

Approved Drinks for The Dallas Party Bike

Here are the drinks do’s and don’ts for Dallas Party Bike:


  • Bring any type of glass bottle
  • Bring liquor or spirits
  • Take any open drinks off of the party bike


  • Bring cans of beer, wine, hard cider, lemonade, seltzers or malt beverages for your trip!
  • BYOB, because we cannot sell or provide alcohol. 
  • Keep your containers closed until you are on the vehicle.

People with butterfingers and general road hazards should make it quite clear why no glass is the #1 golden rule of getting on a party bike.

If you happen to bring glass drinks for the party bike, don’t get too attached – because they will not be getting on the bike with your group. Avoid all of the drama by showing up with cans or juice boxes of your favorite bevies.

Don’t show up too drunk for your party bike tour

We love having a good time (we are literally in the industry of having a good time) but we also believe in the expression “moderation is key.” We don’t recommend overdoing the pregame for the Dallas party bike tour. At our parties, you’re pedaling and balancing and you need your wits about you. Unfortunately, if you show up too far gone, we may need to stop your party from getting on the bus.

Yes, we of course support drinking adult beverages during our parties! Relax and unwind. Loosen up a little. Get your freak on. But we don’t support being so drunk you fall off of the bike. 

Don’t fret! If there’s anything we can promise you, it’s several opportunities to have a great drink. From the (canned) beverages you bring to the delicious pours our bar partners can whip up, it’s hardly a dry event. 

So don’t show up shwasty, or you may miss your party before it starts!

Don’t forget your ID! (Your Real ID)

Is everyone over 21? Make sure you can prove it! We require IDs (real IDs) to get your butt on one of our bikes. 

Our team has a good eye for finding fake IDs, so don’t try to trick us – waiting until you’re legal makes the party much better, because we don’t want to leave sneaky minors in the dust while the rest of the group heads out on the tour. 

Unless you want a tour of ice cream shops and pizza parlors (which we are happy to do!), everyone needs to be of drinking age to get on the bike. 

Call the Uber early so you arrive on time

Nightlife in Dallas Ideas: Rideshares & Transportation

Being late to the party is the easiest party foul to commit. We recommend being at least 30 minutes early to your party. In fact, if you’re not 30 minutes early to your party, you’re late.

Dallas is not New York City, so there aren’t Ubers to hop on at every corner. We highly recommend scheduling your Uber earlier than you think, especially if you need multiple cars to get your large group to the pedal party. It can take several minutes for Ubers to arrive in Dallas – so don’t hedge your bets at the risk of missing your party bike tour!

Not taking an Uber? Whether you’re walking, running, unicycling, teleporting, etc. – still show up 30 minutes early to your tour. 

Don’t bring too much to drink

Regardless of popular belief, you CAN over-prepare when it comes to bringing drinks on the bike. Don’t forget about all of the awesome bars we’ll stop at along the way! 

Trying new signature drinks and inventive shots at our favorite bar stops (and the exclusive drink specials with our partner bars make those drinks taste even better) will give you a great excuse to try something new. 

So BYO drinks, but keep in mind that you’ll have many opportunities to drink along the way. Have your cake and eat it too! 

Have a confirmed ride home

With the Dallas Party Bike, there’s nothing more important than your designated driver. Whether that’s a rideshare or the sober pub crawl mom of the night, get home in one piece with a confirmed sober ride home! 

So let’s give our designated drivers a cheer and buy them diet cokes all night long!

Read your confirmation email!

Have any questions about getting to Dallas Party Bike, what to bring, what to wear, and any other questions, we probably have you covered in your confirmation email.

On top of having your questions answered, reading your confirmation email will seriously minimize the chances that you break any of our party bike party fouls. So make sure to read it like it’s a text from your crush.

Ok, you can officially take that sigh of relief, because if you follow our advice listed above, you’re not going to make a damn fool of yourself during your party bike tour. Now that you’re good and prepared, book your party bike tour for your group today!

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