6 Tips For Your Dallas Corporate Team-Building Event

No matter what industry your company works in, chances are you probably deal with corporate burnout. Especially in the last few years, employees may find it hard to let go of company issues and hold onto job satisfaction. From snarky emails to work fires to a full workload, we all have more than enough to cause some stress. 

Instead of letting that stress build up and spill into the quality of work, help your employees let it go and loosen up with proven solutions!

Step one is, of course, confirming employees feel cared for and heard. Step two is investing in your team! More than bonuses or small gifts, a team-building event can help your team fall in love with their jobs again. So if you want to boost team morale and reward hard workers, it’s probably time to plan a team-building activity!

Plan the event around a team-building activity

Dallas Corporate Team-Building Event: Dallas Party Bike!

Nothing is more stressful than having a room full of people who don’t have much to say to each other. Many employees would prefer to continue to work over forced small talk, whether due to new employees still gaining their sea legs or a general lack of connection between coworkers.

The secret antidote to taking a team-building activity from blah to truly fun is an activity that brings everyone together. Here are our reasons why this is the magic ingredient to a great outing:

  • People have icebreakers handed to them on a silver platter: which is, of course, the task or activity at hand. Life is so much easier when you have an easy conversation starter that isn’t “So, how about this weather?”
  • Less talkative people have a much easier time since the evening isn’t entirely reliant on chatting. With an established activity, there is significantly less of a chance that people will feel uncomfortable.
  •  Everyone now has a common interest – the company activity! Everyone will feel engaged and invested in the fun if the event is entertaining.

Choose an activity that piques people’s interest

If you choose an underwhelming activity – you guessed it – your team will feel underwhelmed. This is your chance to show your team that you are invested in their happiness, so choose a unique and generous activity that makes your crew want to show up!

Don’t have it at the office

Corporate Team Bonding in Dallas

A reward for hard work should not be spending MORE time in the office – get your team somewhere new! Remind them that there is an exciting world outside of their cubicle. Refresh your team’s perspective and let them see something other than the inside of your office! 

We all know that we aren’t usually our authentic selves when in the confines of the professional workspace. By planning a team-building activity at a different spot, your team can relax and foster deeper team connections in the long run. 

Pick an activity that caters to everyone

We are all unique, with different values, abilities, and preferences. Your challenge is to cater to your whole team with one activity! Choosing, for example, a high-movement activity could be fun for some and limiting for others. By choosing an activity that caters to everyone, your whole team will feel seen and accounted for. 

For example, while our Dallas party bikes have pedaling seats, there are also a few spots on the bike for people who simply want to sit back and enjoy the ride. 

Help your team let loose

The best way to get people to let loose? Make sure they know that this event is for low-pressure, no-strings-attached fun! Let go of dress codes, mix up the departments, and ban any work talk to help your team go from office mode to fun mode. 

Once people know this isn’t some secret test, they’ll be more likely to relax. It also allows you and other managers to breathe and enjoy the party. Stop any work questions with a “No office talk – ask me on Monday!”.

Plan the corporate event during office hours

Team Building Events in Dallas

Accumulate extra “world’s best boss” points by planning the corporate event during normal office hours. We all have busy schedules both inside and outside work, and your team will appreciate you respecting their personal time. As a result, more people will be able to show up (as long as you give notice for your team to plan for the event), and everyone can still head home at 5. 

A team that pedals well together works well together! Help your team hit the reset button and feel invigorated with an entertaining and casual company event. 

Feeling overwhelmed with the company team-building event planning process? Then, reach out to our party experts at Dallas Party Bike, and we will help you plan the perfect company outing. 

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