Best Spots to Hit Up For A Dallas Bachelor Party

You have one more major party with all your bros as an unmarried man – make it count. Grab a Redbull and look up some hangover cures – because you’ll need all the help you can to make it through a weekend of Dallas bachelor party debauchery. 

Why a Dallas Bachelor Party?

Best Things To Do in Dallas for a Bachelor Party

Less competition with other bachelor parties

Dallas is an unsung hero of excellent food, great live music, and rowdy nightlife. You won’t be rubbing elbows with tons of other bachelor groups fighting for drinks, space, and attention from neighboring bachelorette groups. 

A city full of good trouble 

Dallas has that big city energy, so you know it has a long list of options for adrenaline junkies, quality spirit enthusiasts, sports fans, and guys looking to get good ol’ fashioned turnt. 

Big enough to cater to every vibe 

Looking to rage for 72 hours with breaks only for tacos and sushi? Dallas got you. Want to hit up some cigar clubs and whiskey tastings? Dallas has that. Want to try a wild experience like skydiving or racing cars? You know Dallas can deliver.

Things to Know Before Planning a Dallas Bachelor Party

Don’t look like an amateur when planning your Dallas bachelor party. Follow a few simple expert tips, and you’re good as gold. 

Book in advance 

You don’t need to be a type-A planner – just get your ideal reservations in for things you really want to do as early as possible. Nothing kills the party quicker than getting hyped for a particular vacation rental or party bike trip and then finding out it’s already booked out. Call early and cancel if plans change – you’ll thank us later. 

Pound water

Rookie mistake – partying too hard the few hours of the bachelor party and feeling like shit the rest of the weekend. Don’t be that guy. Instead, drink water while you party, and if you still wake up suffering, have a number for IV delivery services in your back pocket so everyone avoids the roughest parts of the morning after. 

Dress accordingly

Are you planning on going to some of the nicer clubs while in town? First, make sure you look the part. There is always that one ass in the group that tries to get through the door in shorts or a jersey – many places will keep you on the wrong side of the velvet rope for casual fits. So skip the mad dash back to the rental for close-toed shoes and just dress the part for your plans. 

Best Nightlife for a Dallas Bachelor Party

Best Nightlife for A Dallas Bachelor Party

Deep Ellum is universally-known to be the spot to focus on for the best Dallas nightlife. But, of course, the main event is the party – so here are our favorite Dallas nightlife spots. 

Adair’s Saloon – Great for easy beers, burgers, and that hole-in-the-wall atmosphere. 

Club Dada – The oldest club in Dallas. No matter what night you visit, you’ll hear awesome live music or Dj beats. 

Three Links – Get your fill of angst with this punk-heavy live music venue and bar. 

Mama Tried – A true Texas country experience, this venue, and bar will be packed with country lovers and cute cowgirls. 

The Twilite Lounge – Couldn’t get to NOLA for your bachelor party? This New Orleans’ inspired French quarter-style hotspot will definitely do. 

Dot’s Hop House – Great for mellow beers enjoyed in their spacious open-air courtyard.

Shoals – Classic cocktail fans will love this spot for its unparalleled old-fashioned and soulful vibes. 

Best Bachelor Party Activities

Dallas Bachelor Party Activities: Dallas Party Bike

Every party needs an X-factor. You have the whole weekend to party, but these activities will really take your weekend to the next level. 

Dallas Party Bike – Yep, it’s us. Our party bike tours get your crew to multiple hotspots in Deep Ellum nightlife for the perfect big pregame party. So bring your favorite beers on the bike and pedal around Dallas with excellent bar breaks along the way for a shot or two. 

Day of Golf – If your best day is spent with a golf club in your hands, you have multiple options. Head to Tenison Course for a 9-hole morning. Top Golf Dallas lets you practice your swing while still being arm’s length from icy draft beer if you want something more relaxed. 

Race cars – Get behind the wheel and find out which of your friends finishes first – on the racetrack. Make a friendly wager on the Texas Motor Speedway. The last person to cross the finish line buys the next round of drinks. 

Skydiving – Here’s a great way to discover which of your friends are true adrenaline junkies. Dallas skydiving with your bros is a once-in-a-lifetime pact that will band everyone together for life. 

Best Dallas Restaurants for a Bachelor Party

You’re going to work up a good appetite – here are the fantastic restaurants and stick-to-your-ribs meals that you’ll need to survive the weekend. 

Lee Harvey Bar It’s not much to look at, but this 50-year-old bar has a long list of local awards backing up the classic bar food. 

Son of a Butcher – More than just a great play on words, this local favorite partners with local suppliers in texas, using the highest quality beef, craft sodas, and buns.

The Yard – Get the classic German beer garden vibe while enjoying beers, great food, and yard games outside. 

The Rustic – with a bar, outdoor space, live music, and great food, this place is equal parts dinner and party. 

Other things to add to the Dallas bachelor list

Private chef – You probably don’t want to eat out every meal, but who wants to sweat in the kitchen during a fun weekend? A personal chef will hook you up with your favorite weekend meals that you can enjoy by the side of your vacation rental pool.

A party planner – yes, this seems unnecessary. But If you’re traveling to Dallas for your bachelor weekend, there’s nothing better than stepping into your rental with the food and beer already in the fridge. No grocery or liquor store runs – you’re set for the weekend. They can also help with the reservations, so you focus on the party. 

A great vacation rental for partying at home – whether you’re locals or visiting, having a dope vacation rental will make the weekend feel more remarkable than a standard bender weekend. Book a spot with a private pool or game room so you can party how you want without your roommates or family barging in. 

If you’re planning a Dallas bachelor party, get ready for a weekend packed with partying and adventure. Also, make sure to budget post-party in a couple of days to reanimate yourself after the bachelor debauchery. No matter how long you recover, we promise the weekend will have been well worth it. 

Don’t plan a Dallas bachelor party without a Dallas Party Bike tour. Reach out to our expert partiers to plan an event that your guys will never forget (until that 7th tequila shot hits).

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